Claire´s dance                                           Achy breaky heart
Rough cut                                                 I´m from the country
Diamond dixie                                            No more
Burnin´                                                     Baby, I´m burning
Honky tonk stomp                                       Let´s go to Vegas
Gulf of Mexico                                           Gulf of Mexico
Poor boy blues                                           Evangeline
Thunderfoot                                              Every little thing
T.L.C.                                                        I need your love tonight
Fancy feet                                                 Adalaida
Jamaica walk                                              Almost Jamaica
Shakin mix                                                 Rock´n roll mix
Ease your mind                                           Love´s got a hold on you
Country 2 step                                           I just want my baby back
Mama´s pearls                                            Mama said
Grundy gallop                                             Blue rodeo
Sunshine & rain                                          Sunshine in the rain
Come dance with me                                  Come dance with me
Slappin´leather                                          Tall, tall trees
Irish stew                                                  Irish stew
Waltz across Texas                                      Rock´n roll waltz
Ghost train                                                Baby likes to rock it
Sweet, sweet smile                                     Sweet, sweet smile
Snake oil                                                   Any man of mine
Live, laugh, love                                         Live, laugh, love
Laid back´N low key                                   Laid back´N low key
Oh, lonesome me                                       Oh, lonesome me
Swing thing                                               Girls night out
Piece of cake                                            Shootin´ from the hip
No angel                                                   You´re no angel
Decent guys from Muskogie                         Okie from Muskogie
Let´s LeDoux it                                          Good ride cowboy
Twist of love                                             Twist of love
Anyway                                                    King of the road
A little bit of mambo                                  I got a girl
Rodeo hustle                                            Tell me about it
Jamaica walk                                             Almost Jamaica
Long gone                                                 My baby no esta aqui
Leaving of Liverpool                                    Leaving of Liverpool
Kill the spiders                                           You need a man around you
Ballymore boys                                           The boys from Ballymore
Garden party                                             Garden party
Happy cowboy                                           Jeg er en glad lille cowboy
Little miss kiss me honey                              Kiss me honey
Chihuahua                                                 Chihuahua
Naughty but nice                                       Your god girl´s gonna go bad
Bosa nova                                                  Blame it on the bossa nova
Town of hope and memories                        Dirty old town
Coastin                                                      Lord of the dance
First love                                                   First love
Sweetley smiles                                          I don´t know what she said
My heart                                                   My heart won´t leave my mind
Cannibals                                                  Cannibals
Sugar & pai                                                Sugar & pai
Ridin`                                                       Riding alone
Puttin´on a style                                        Puttin´on the style
My new life                                               High class lady
Sea salt lady                                              Sea salt lady
Destiny                                                     You can get it
Before the devil                                        If you´re going through hell
Crazy foot mambo                                      If you wanna be happy
Don´t you wish                                         Don´t you wish it was true
Just for grins                                            Billy b. bad
Good time                                                Good time
Picnic polka                                             Cowboy sweatheart
Break away                                              Break away
The trail                                                  Trail of tears
Cruisin´                                                   I just want to dance with you
Hearts & flowers                                       Hearts & flowers
On the road again                                     On the road again
Nothin´ but taillights                                 Nothin´but taillights
Boys will be boys                                      That don´t make me a bad guy
Forever and ever                                      Forever and ever, amen
T´morrow never knows                             Tomorrow never knows
Heart of an angel                                     Heart of an angel
Oh Suzannah                                           Oh, Suzanna
Summer fly                                              Summer fly
Go mama go                                             Let your momma go
Toes                                                       Toes
Rockin´                                                   Some beach
Beautiful sunday                                       Beautiful sunday
Suds in the bucket                                   Suds in the bucket
Heaven in my women´s eyes                       Heaven in my woman´s eyes
Old 97                                                     Old 97
Galway girls                                              The Galway girl
Under the sun                                          Under the sun
Redneck woman                                        Redneck woman
People are crazy                                       People are crazy
Everybody swing                                       Chitlin´times
Rhyne or reason                                       It happens
Askin´questions                                        Askin´questions
Homeward bound                                     Take me home
Chica boom boom                                     Boom boom goes my heart
Louisiana swing                                        Home to Louisiana
Shania´s moment                                     From this moment
Tennessee waltz surprice                         Tennessee waltz
Where I belong                                       That´s where I belong
Fallin                                                      Fallin, fallin, fallin
Raining cats and dogs                               I catched a cold in Scotland
Just a memory                                         Memories are made of this
Alamo boom                                            Boom, boom, boom
Movin´in                                                Me and you and a dog named Boo
Dreamer´s                                              We were dreamer´s
This & that                                             Woman
I´ll be there                                            I´ll be there
Shalala                                                   Shalala
Good day to run                                      A good day to run
All you need                                           All you need is love
Inspiration                                              Heaven in my woman's eyes
Country cupid                                         Stupid cupid
Crazy Mercury                                         Mercury blues
Smile on your face                                   Put a smile on yor face